Art.no: 157403
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M914 Anbass 624 10.5 OZ Dark Indigo Super Stretch Denim Dark Blue

107 € 133 € -20%
Toimitusaika: 3–5 arkipäivää
Ilmainen toimitus yli 100 €:n tilauksille
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Tuotteen Kuvaus

Men’s slim fit jeans in 10,5 oz deep indigo stretch denim with tie wash creases, sandpapered whiskers and scrapings, aged brushing on used areas, micro abrasions on pocket openings, hems and along the legs, final presentational 3D creases. Regular waist and softly tapered slim leg, five pockets, triangle-shaped label with REPLAY logo on the left pocket, back pockets with iconic gull stitching, contrasting-coloured label on the back of the waistband, button fly.

- Blue jeans
- Light wash
- Sandpapered whiskers and scrapings
- Regular waist
- Softly tapered leg
- Five pocket design
- Back pockets iconic gull stitching
- Contrasting-colored label on the back of the waistband

Materiaali & Pesuohjeet

  • 98% Cotton
  • 2% Elastane
30° maskintvätt - Halvfull maskin Får ej klorblekas Får ej kemtvättas Får ej torktumlas Strykning - Svalt


  • Tuotteen nimi: M914 Anbass 624 10.5 OZ Dark Indigo Super Stretch Denim Dark Blue
  • Art.no: 157403
  • Väri: Sininen
  • Kön: Mies
  • Color: Blue
  • Supplier color: Dark Blue
  • Supplier art.nr: M914 .000.573 624
  • Supplier model name: Anbass 624
  • Supplier color code: 007